Flower bouquets
A flower bouquet is a beautiful way to show that you care. You can congratulate, remember, comfort, support, encourage and love. We have the largest walk-in cold room in Finland, which is full of the most beautiful bouquets and a vast variety of cut flowers. We are specialized in making bouquets. You can order from us the most personalized bouquets, and we love to carry out every wish of yours.

Wedding flowers
Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Let us plan and fulfill the bridal bouquet you´ve always dreamt of! You get also all the other flowery wedding decorations from us; for the reception, the car, the church… even rose petals to throw or for the bridal bed. We make also the very trendy flower jewelry for you and for the guests. We do everything to assure that your wedding will be unforgettable as for what it comes to the flowers. Your happy smiles on the wedding pictures, makes us happy too! For us to be able to fulfill your dreams we ask you to contact us in time. It´s good to make an appointment with one of our florists 4-5 weeks before the wedding, at the latest.

Flowers for funerals and mourning
When the sorrow hits you, we are here to help. It is sometimes difficult to find the words in moments of grief and sorrow. Let the flowers speak for you with care and empathy.

It is a beautiful gesture to pay attention to the mourners of the deceaced with a condolence bouquet. A bouquet, a card or a so called “address” (a big card) are also being used in the Finnish culture, showing you care.

For funerals we provide different kind of funeral bouquets, wreaths and other decorations according to your wishes. We make also beautiful decorations for the coffin and the urn, the chapel, the church and the reception. You can also get the cards and the ribbons texted from us. We can also deliver the flowers to the chapel or church in Porvoo.

Green plants and flowering pot plants
Decorate with trendy green plants or add colour and feeling with beautiful flowering pot plants. When decorating your home or office with different plants you create a good feeling and cosiness around you. We need the contact with the nature in our hectic lives. The green plants are an excellent way to bring the nature closer in our everyday life.

According to research from NASA the green plants clean the air indoors, witch benefits our wellbeing both at home and at work. With a lot of green plats your home and office get fresh and clean air. Wellness for all of us.

Garden shop
Gardenshop In our gardenshop you will find flowers of the season, herbs, perennials, bulbs, seeds, soil, fertilizers, pots and baskets. Our service also includes planting in pots and baskets according to your wishes.

From Porvoon Kukkatalo you will also get cards, pots, soil, fertilizers, gift- and interior products. We also rent vases and pots for different occasions. You can rent for your party vases and pots.


We deliver flowers in Porvoo with surroundings, all over Finland and abroad. You can place the order at our shop, by calling us (paying by credit card) and in our webshop (for delivery in the Porvoo region).

With delivery in Porvoo, You can place the order through our Webshop.
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Decoration of venue
No matter if the venue is big or small, we help you to decorate according to the space and occasion. We can decorate with flower bouquets and green plants. Please be in contact in time, preferably 3-4 weeks before the occasion, and we will make the most unforgettable decorations for your venue.

Renting green plants
Party or some other event coming up? Decorating with green plants is an excellent way of making an impact on the mood. We rent green pot plants, and pots and vases for different occasions and spaces.

Care for your green plants
We offer caretaking of green plants for companies and private persons. You can do an agreement with us, which guarantees that your green plants are looking good and are in good shape all year around.

We want to share the joy of flowers with all of you. Come and enjoy your creativity and joy of working with your own hands, working with a living and beautiful material. The creativity flourishes at our courses! You are welcome to enjoy the happiness in creating.

We customize courses for organisations, coworkers, friends, birthdays, hen- and stag parties.