Our history

Our history started in november 1964 when Gunnar Bäck opened in Porvoo the first flowerhouse, finnish; Kukkatalo, in Finland. It was a new business idea, once there had not been similar greenhouse shops in Finland until then.

From the beginning of the year 2018, the Porvoon Kukkatalo Oy, is co owned by the daughter of Gunnar Bäck, Ann-Len Bäck and Camilla Hindsberg, Satu Nurmi, Sari Harjaluoma and Mervi Korkolainen-Nyqvist. All the co owners have 20-30 years of professional experience in the business.

Gunnar Bäck
Co-owners of Porvoon Kukkatalo.

Our values

Most important for us is the satisfaction of the customers. Without You there would not be us.

Also the environment is important for us. We use green, fully renewable electricity and have Led bulbs in the store. When it is possible, we promote finnish and local products and services. Our goal is to reduce delivery costs and greenhouse gases.

Always when it´s possible we use compostable and reusable packing material. We are constantly looking for alternatives that burdens our environment and nature less.

We are happy to co-operate with local companies and organisations. Together we support each other and helping the region of Porvoo. The wellness in Porvoo is worth supporting.